29 June 2011

One Millionth Qashqai (Dualis) From Nissan Sunderland UK

Nissan Sunderland has produced its one millionth Nissan Qashqai, making it one of the most successful British built cars ever. It took four years, six months and 23 days after production began on December 5, 2006. No other UK-built car has reached the million mark in such a short space of time. On average, 1,200 Qashqais per day are produced at the plant, or one every minute that the production line is working. More than 80 per cent of Qashqai production is exported to 97 markets worldwide from the Port of Tyne.

Two other models have previously passed the million production mark at Nissan Sunderland Plant - the Nissan Micra (2.3 million units produced / 1992-2010) and the Nissan Primera (1.4 million units produced / 1990-2007).

The Qashqai is currently the UK's eight best-selling car in 2011, and was the fourth best-selling model in the C-segment across Europe in the 2010 Fiscal Year. Its top markets were in 2010:

UK 39,000
Italy 31,900
Spain 30,100
France 25,500
Germany 24,100
Russia 21,500

The car's many accolades include top ranking for four consecutive years from the ADAC breakdown organisation in Germany. That doesn't seem to stir the Germans to buy more though. They are the largest market in Europe but 5th on the list above. Spain is particularly strong for the Qashqai considering the size of the market.

In summary: The Qashqai is an amazingly successful car.

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