03 June 2011

Chrysler Brand To Go From Europe

The Chrysler brand has ceased to exist on mainland Europe. It has never sold well there so its owner Fiat has pulled the plug on it. Lancia will take over the dealers to broaden its coverage on the continent, the only place where they are sold anyway. It will also widen its range of just three vehicles by selling rebadged Chrysler vehicles under the Lancia logo. On the other hand, Chrysler will concentrate on the rest of the world, adding rebranded Lancias to its range of cars. So this seems a good fit.

Will Chrysler buyers go for the very different style of Lancia cars sold with their badge on them? Conversely, will say a Chrysler 300 sell strongly with a Lancia moniker? Whether potential purchasers will take to the new direction time will tell.

As I see it: The idea is good but with the very different range of vehicles each brand sells, I don't see any commonality. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

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