20 June 2011

Car Production Belgium / Netherlands: 2010

Belgium is a small country but with a surprisingly large car industry. It relies on overseas firms as it has no industry of its own. This can make it vulnerable to sudden closures of factories. It's 2010 production was:

Volvo 225,000
Ford 185,000
Audi 70,000
GM Opel 50,000
Total 530,000 +1%

One of those sudden departures was GM Europe closing its factory in 2010. It has now gone for good but otherwise Belgian production looks settled.

The Netherlands has a smaller car making industry than neighbour Belgium. The NedCar factory which makes the Mitsubishi Colt and Outlander models, is the only facility. Production is listed below for 2010:

Mitsubishi 50,000 -5%

NedCar has a capacity of 200,000, but only used a quarter of it in 2010. Mitsubishi plan to pull out in the next few years and Chinese firm Landwing may be interested in car production at the same factory in due course. The Netherlands does have two large truck making brands in DAF and Scania, but as for car making Landwind may be its only hope.

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