06 June 2011

Car Manufacturing In Japan Well Down

The Tsunami and sales downturn has really hit Japan. Manufacturers around the world who source components from there have been hit too. Looking at production figures, one can see how bad it is. If we compare April 2011 to 2010 by manufacturer:

Toyota 50,000 –80%
Nissan 45,000 –50%
Mazda 35,000 –50%
Mitsub 27,500 –30%
Subaru 25,000 –40%
Daihatsu 20,000 –60%
Honda 15,000 –80%
Total 290,000 –60%

Why some brands have fared better than others I cannot say, but not a good look. The total YTD figures are down to 2,200,000 (–30%). Things will be improving as the year progresses.

In some markets the effects are dramatic. In Australia for example, Toyota outsells its main rival GM by 2 to 1. In May ’11, GM actually pipped them to the top spot. The reason is not GM sales soaring but Toyota crashing. Other manufacturers would surely like to cash in to a greater degree, but cannot ramp up supply that quickly.

In summary: It is only a temporary situation and I hope that things can get back to normal soon after this terrible disaster that Japan experienced.

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