18 May 2011

Nissan Sales Booming

In the fiscal year 2010, Nissan's global sales reached a record-high level. Nissan's global sales increased 19.1%, with vehicle sales growing from 3.515 million to 4.185 million units. For the full year, overall global market share was 5.8%. Sales figures to note:

China 1,024,000 +35.5%
U S A 966,000 +17.3%
Europe 607,000 +19.3%
Japan 600,000 -4.7%
Others 709,000 +28.2%

Some things I have noted:

1) The alliance with Renault is proving a boon for both brands.

2) Interesting designs coupled with reliability is a compelling combination.

3) The importance of a strong pressence in China.

Nissan is doing very well across the world. The recent earthquake in Japan significantly disrupted Nissan's operations, but they are confident in continuing the success.

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