13 May 2011

Land Rover On The Move

Having considered Jaguar, now for Land Rover. LR already has five models with a sixth about to arrive, the Evoque. The range will be quite broad at that point. It would be nice to go below the Freelander but I'm not sure there is a business case for that. LR is profitable, but this is something that they has to keep working on, as it doesn't take much to sink into the read in the highly competitive automotive market.

Seek cooperation with other car makers where practical. Sharing a 4WD platform with Jaguar would be a start. Of course, it should go further to other makes.

Be innovative with style, design & technology. Looking at the ugly and unimaginative offerings German brands come up with, LR is ahead of the field for style and design. BMW tried to be smart with the X6, but even they would say that was a mistake. A poorly packaged, bloated SUV of excess if ever I saw one. LR designs are on the money but the next models will be lighter for sure.
LR has to be careful with technology, as many already steer clear of the brand due to past reliability issues.

Make sure all models are top notch. A new Defender is overdue, and that is coming. The Freelander (LR2) is beautifully proportioned but understated. The rest are awesome in this area. Overall, the best range of SUVs by far.

The JLR summary: The brand now has a hands-off owner, letting the brands flourish. They have excellent people in charge leading them forward. Some experts see no future in JLR, but then some experts said the Range Rover would fail when it arrived. If you are in the market for vehicles in the segment that Jaguar or Land Rover compete in, think beyond the boring Germanic offerings and get some style into your life. JLR is going places.

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