13 April 2011

Vehicle Production GM Europe: 2010

GM European production saw the bowing out of the Antwerp, Belgium plant in 2010. The other four nations will continue producing vehicles for "The General" in 2011. GM Europe vehicle production by model and country as below:

Zaragoza (Spa) 223,500
Eisenach (Ger) 136,500
Total Corsa: 360,000

Gilwice (Pol) 141,500
Ellesmere Port (UK) 108,000
Bochum (Ger) 71,500
Antwerp (Bel) 44,500
Total Astra: 365,500

Zaragoza (Spa) 119,000
Total Meriva: 119,000

Bochum (Ger) 55,500
Gilwice (Pol) 17,500
Total Zafira: 73,000

Rüsselsheim (Ger) 126,000
Total Insignia: 126,000

Zaragoza (Spa) 36,000
Total Combo: 36,000

Luton (UK) 39,000
Total Vivaro: 39,000

Germany 390,000
Spain 379,000
Poland 159,000
Britain 146,500
Belgium 44,500
Total GM Europe: 1,119,000

There will be a slight increase in vehicle production for GM Europe in 2011. For those making the Astra, a bonus as Antwerp's production is reallocated to those factories. Spain may drop slightly, however.

My take: GM Europe is organising itself for profitability.

Pics: Corsa and Insignia

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