10 April 2011

UK Car Production: Top 15 Models In 2010

Nissan has been the top car manufacturer in the UK since the year 2000, however it hasn't had the top model before...Until 2010 that is, when they finally did get the 'most made' model to go with largest manufacturer tag. The six years previous it had been the BMW MINI, but the Qashqai went past the MINI with consummate ease in 2010. It looks as if the Qashqai could now stay there for a while as well.
The top 15 list as follows:

Make/Model/Production/% of total
1 Nissan Qashqai 271,000 21.3
2 BMW Mini 216,000 17.0
3 GM Astra 103,000 8.1
4 Toyota Auris 69,000 5.4
5 Toyota Avensis 68,000 5.4

6 L Rover Freelander 56,000 4.4
7 Honda Civic 55,000 4.3
8 Nissan Micra 54,500 4.3
9 Nissan Note 53,000 4.1
10 Honda CRV 51,000 4.0

11 L Rover RR Sport 47000 3.7
12 Nissan Juke 44,500 3.5
13 L Rover Discovery 39,000 3.1
14 Jaguar XF 34,000 2.7
15 Honda Jazz 33,000 2.6

Other Models 79,000 6.2

Total Production 1,275,000

The Nissan Juke production is only a partial year, so that will climb in 2011. The Qashqai/Dualis is a staggeringly successful model that surely exceeded all expectations. Mine certainly. The Micra will disappear next year as it will be sourced elsewhere.

Honda introduced the Jazz to make it three models from that company made in the UK now.

One could expect the Astra production to rise to perhaps 150,000 units.

The variety of makes and models certainly make the list an interesting read, not to mention a valuable employer for thousands of workers.

In summary: A surprisingly robust industry despite a lack of indigenous brands.

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