07 April 2011

Holden Car Manufacturing

Holden is GM's name down under in Australasia. Holden's car making in Australia is based around the large Commodore model. The problem is large cars sales are on the decline in this area. For example, in 2001 132,000 Holdens were made in Australia, in 2009 (the last year I have data for) only 54,000. That was a bad year all round but you get the idea. The numbers are shrinking.

Big Holdens are exported mainly to NZ (Holden), the Middle East (Chev) and recently to North America as Pontiacs (see pic above). The Pontiac brand went belly up so GM Australia must have hurt over that, putting future car making in Australia under pressure. Recently adding the Cruze model will keep the factories ticking over, but doesn't help the Commodores business case.

It has now been leaked that GM plans to re-launch Aussie made Commodores in the North American market sometime in 2013 under General Motors' Chevrolet brand. With former Holden bosses holding senior positions at GM US, this could have helped. Holden has friends in high places who understand the unique situation car making and Holden has in Australia. Holden needs help to keep making cars.

In summary: The Commodore model and car manufacturing in Australia has been given a boost if this comes to fruition.

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