18 April 2011

Car Production Germany: 2010

Despite the vagaries of world car sales of late, German car sales have held up fairly well. VW has always been the main producer, but things below have moved around. Mercedes fell from 2nd in 2007 to 4th in '09, coming bacik to third last year. BMW was 2nd in 2008, but now is 4th. Audi were 5th in 2005 but is now 2nd. Of course, this doesn't represent total production, but rather domestic. Some car brands make more outside of Germany than others. Ironically, the world sales rankings of BMW, Merc and Audi are reversed for production at home.
As for German production figures by make:

VW 1,300,000 23.7% +7
Audi 1,000,000 18.0% +17
Merc 980,000 17.8% +29
BMW 940,000 17.1% +14
Ford 730,000 13.3% -1
Opel 470,0000 8.6% +12%
Porsche 90,000 1.6% +37
Total 5,510,000 +13

German car brands are aggressively marketed and highly regarded around the world. Personally, while they have a solidness about them and made with good materials, I think that they are not well styled, are over priced, nor as reliable as perceived by many. If however you can establish and maintain a positive image, that is what really makes the difference.

In summary: German car production is strong and has a confident future.

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