15 April 2011

Buying A Used Car From A Supermarket

In the UK, Tesco supermarket chain has started to sell used cars online. A potential purchaser goes to the website where pictures and a brief video are available to view. The RAC mechanically inspect the car and it comes with a one month RAC warranty. By buying directly from Tesco, the costs are reduced from source to consumer. Most cars will come from the fleet sector, have one previous owner, and a full service history. The price is no haggle, which will certainly please those not adept at that aspect of purchasing.

The choice of cars will is broader than any dealer by far, obviously. You cannot see the vehicle before buying, but the detailed photographs and RAC check should negate any problems there. Finance is available through Tesco. If you have to car to trade in and don't want to sell it yourself, you would have to go to a car dealer. If you live near Birmingham, you can pick the car up, but to have it delivered anywhere in the UK costs £149. Yet another reason to live circa the Midlands UK.

Will it take off? I would certainly consider buying a car this way. Fleet vehicles are serviced and modern cars are well made. With the volume of cars they will sell, you would expect value for money. If anyone in the UK does buy this way, or anyone has thoughts on it that I have not mentioned, please leave a comment. You do not have to be registered to do so.

The bottom line: If I was a car dealers, I would be concerned. This could change the way many people buy used cars.


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