25 April 2011

The Audi Range zzzzzzz

Above are the Audi models A1, 3, 6 and 8. To me these cars are as dull as car design gets. They all look much the same. Of course, a car maker should have a theme that ties the brand together. Audi has that gaping grille, unattractive in its own right. However, to then have them all much the same shape, only different sizes, defies logic. To make matters worse, people are buying them in large numbers.

I must be missing something. I have the photos of the above range stuck to the ceiling of my bedroom, then whenever I am having trouble sleeping I put the light on and look up. Next minute zzzzz. It works a treat.

Audis have nice interiors but surely exterior style counts for something too. Perhaps one day Audi NZ will arrange a drive in one for me to convince me they are worth buying.

My opinion: Audis are soooo sterile in design.


  1. Yes you clearly miss something. it is interesting that BMW and Mercedes models can look the same and very boring, but that is okey. If you are not close to the new 3 or 5 or 7 BMW you do not know which one is which. Or is it a matter of Audi becomes to good and is now a threat for the BMW lovers.

  2. I agree that Audi is not alone in design similarity.
    Interestingly, Audi brand design chief Stefan Sielaff recently said:

    “We know that some people think our saloons look too alike and are well into a project to change that”.