26 February 2011

Renault Worldwide Car Sales By Model: 2010

I'm not a follower of Renault in particular, but I am impressed by the openness of the company. The figures below are from Renault itself, which I find refreshing. Many car companies guard their sales achievements jealously, as if the opposition will find something out to their harm. Of course they know that if the competition is doing its job, it knows all this already. So why be so secretive? All so 20th century to me.
The Renault Group has three brands, Renault, Dacia and Samsung. So let us look at each brand at a time:

Renault: A French brand that basically relies on two models for the bulk of its sales, 56% to be precise. Nearly 20% of all Renault brand sales are in fact rebadged Dacias, and that will grow somewhat in 2011. Worldwide sales by model as follows:

1 Clio 506,812 28.1%
2 Megane 501,418 27.8%
3 Logan 189,987 10.5%
4 Twingo 158,091 8.7%
5 Sandero 145,076 8.0%
6 Kangoo 63,249 3.5%
7 Fluence 59,839 3.3%
8 Laguna 52,432 2.9%
9 Modus 50,477 2.8%
10 Koleos 36,054 2.0%
Others 43,499 2.4% share
Total 1,806,815

Dacia: The Dacia brand is a no frills, value brand which sells well in Europe and Latin America. 51% of all Dacia models sold are under the Renault brand and are included in the Renault figures. Of the other 49%:

Sandero 154,306 47.5%
Logan 103,930 32.0%
Duster 66,671 20.5%
Total 324,907

Samsung: This Korean based brand sells mainly in Korea only. The QM5 model is sold as a Renault Koleos in many markets. The new SM3 is basically the same as the Renault Fluence. However, it seems to be a brand that Renault could do more with. Sales for 2010:

Sm5 78,107 48.2%
Sm3 64,779 40.0%
Sm7 13,550 8.4%
Qm5 5,481 3.4%
Total 161,917

Summary: Renault Group is going quite well, but there is much more potential.

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