18 February 2011

L R Defender Sales By Country: 2009

The Land Rover Defender is an icon. It's impossible not to love this vehicle, don't you think? It doesn't sell in very large numbers, but keeps on selling at a very consistent rate. It cannot be sold in North America due to legislation. Sales by country appears below. This isn't a comprehensive list, but covers many markets nevertheless. It is popular in Italy and in Pakistan, the latter where they are assembled. The most popular market would be the UK, but I have not got those sales figures to post here. Turkey (assembled there too) would also be a strong market for Defenders, but I have no data from there either.

Italy 1,600
Pakistan 1,553
Germany 1,090
Spain 770
South Africa 760
Belgium 411
Russia 393
Australia 383
Switzerland 254
France 214
Netherlands 102
Eire 63
Brazil 60
Austria 59
Portugal 48
Romania 37
Sweden 25
Argentina 24
Greece 19
Denmark 17
Slovenia 4
Colombia 3
Estonia 2
New Zealand 2
Slovakia 2

Please note: Some markets have sizable 'other' or commercial vehicle sales, which would be principally made up of Defender sales I assume, although I cannot be definite about that. The 'other' list is shown below.

UK 5,271
France 801
Germany 253
Austria 234
Norway 129
Brazil 102
Netherlands 64
Switzerland 43
Sweden 30
New Zealand 28

This is the fourth in a series of four articles about Land Rovers by model. Countries where I cannot get sufficient data do not appear on any of them.

Updated: 21.01.12

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