08 February 2011

Jaguar's Future: 2013 Forward

I wanted to write about Jaguar's future plans. I don't know how sure Jaguar themselves are on some details, but the media contradict each other on this subject. If Jaguar want confusion about its future model lineup and timing of new model releases, it is a case of job well done.

So what is planned? In 2012 the XF will have an update of with new front end treatment updated rear, with some interior tweaks likely. Will there be an XF estate (wagon) model too? Shortly after (2013?) a smaller, roadster sports car - codenamed the XE - to take on the likes of the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z4. This will allow the new XK, which will come afterward, to go a little more upmarket. A new XF is planned for 2014-15, also a revised XJ around that time too. Plans are for an XJ hybrid I hear too. A premium compact car as an X-Type replacement is mooted, but little is known about what may happen there. The concept turbine powered CX75 is a fantastic small sports car which will surely see the light of day in due course. Knowing when is the problem.

Of course, Jaguar has needed an SUV type vehicle for years and could have been financially in clover had they done it. Something about that being Land Rover's area stopped it, but that is rubbish. A crossover SUV would have taken almost exclusively opposition sales. So when will this overdue model come? Goodness knows.

Is it time for Jaguar to be more transparent on all this? If it gives too much away to the opposition (Jag doesn't have competition), then it is understandable if it holds back on information.

Stop press: At least four new products under the Jaguar brand are under development, including a small sports car, station wagon, entry level sedan and a crossover. In addition, engineers are working on a concept called C-X75, an electric sedan to return 900 km to a charge, with a top speed of 320 km/hr.

How I see it: So much to do, so little time, and only so much money to do it all with.

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