30 December 2010

Regional Car Sales Within A Country

Car sales are published as a total for a country but do not show the variances within. Some of those differences can be marked. For instance, I read that in the USA, Jaguar cars make a third of their sales in just three states, NY, California and Miami. In England, regional differences are striking as the examples below show:

Nissan have double the sales in the North East as the national average. No surprises as Nissan have a factory there.

BMW is the best selling brand in Yorkshire/Humberside. I thought that they had more nous than that!

In the East Midlands, they like Jaguars and Land Rovers, while avoiding BMWs.

Meanwhile, in the West Midlands, GM Vauxhall is king, selling almost at double the England average.

Ford sells massively in East England, although I'm not exactly sure why that would be.(One reader has since emailed me to say Ford's large engine plant is within this area so that would contribute quite a lot of sales to the brand).

Londoners like Porsches, Mercs, Lexus and smarts. A mixtures of the self indulgent and greenies it seems.

What that brief list shows is that for various reasons, cars sell quite variably even within a country. It could depend on affluence, lifestyle and how strong the dealers are in an area.

What it means to me: An interesting exercise, but one that depends on knowing a country before it can make much sense.

Source: www.dft.gov.uk

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