04 December 2010

Jeeps To Be Made In Italy

When Fiat took control of Chysler, they saw potential synergies between them. One of them it transpires involves plans to build a Jeep SUV at a plant in Turin, Italy. This will be of great benefit to Fiat as it has under utilised plants at home, although I cannot see any gain for Chrysler USA in this one. Fiat said it would produce a Maserati-brand SUV in Detroit, using the underpinnings of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. So the co operation cuts both ways.

As Fiat sales fall away badly in Europe and with plants they cannot close, getting a Jeep model will be a relief for the bottom line. Cost savings within the car industry - awash with so many brands - will be necessary for survival.

What it means to me: Jeeps made in Italy? It's a new world folks.

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