16 November 2010

Tata's New Electric Vehicle

A Tata Indica Vista EVX an electric vehicle from a team of engineers at the Tata Motors European Technical Centre based at Warwick University, UK. Apparently it will be produced in Coventry, a city known as the centre of UK car manufacturing in times past. Tata already make the car in India as a petrol powered vehicle. It goes on sale in the UK and Europe next year, in the first quarter of 2011.

It took part in the RAC’s Future Car Challenge, which it won. The car can seat four and of course luggage, should have a range up to 200km per charge and reasonable acceleration of 0-60 kmph in under 10 seconds. Full recharge will be possible in eight hours.

As for the cars, I assume they will be built in India and shipped to the UK where they will be prepared for electric propulsion*. The Vista EV will get a UK government subsidy of £5,000 and would cost the buyer £24,000. I believe the car will only be offered to the commercial sector initially in the UK.

What it means to me: A job well done for both Tata and Warwick University. The price does seem steep as is the case for all electric vehicles.

*Apparently the cars will come as kits shipped in from India for assembly. The batteries will from Norway and drivetrains from Canada.

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