26 October 2010

Sales Figures That Embarrass

There are some sales figures that are embarrassing to certain manufacturers. They won't talk about them for obvious reasons, but I will. All the figures quoted are for the first nine months of 2010.

I'll start with Porsche, a brand recently crowing about sales successes which, considering the ever widening range of vehicles they make, are disappointing. In Denmark, where about 122,000 cars are sold, Porsche managed a measily 14. If that isn't bad enough, in Eire where 83,500 cars have found new homes, only 1 (that's right one) Porsche has. I have to say overpriced cars like this only deserve pitiful sales so full marks the the Danes and Irish for their insightfulness.

Now onto Jaguar - Land Rover. These are selling well around the world but I've found a few blots on the landscape. In Serbia, there have been 30,000 new car sales but not one Jag. There doesn't seem to be an importer in the country and hasn't for some time, if ever. Amazing. In Thailand, 550,000 vehicles have been sold so far this year, but only 17 Land Rovers and 9 Jaguars. Even Lotus has managed 9 sales. Mind you Audi only snared 37 new customers. However, you would have to wonder when JLR will demand answers from its importer, or indeed get a new one.

Finally Renault, a brand that relies mainly on Europe for sales. In New Zealand, 45,500 cars have been sold but only 13 Reggies. In the amittedly very small market of Iceland, of the 2,600 car sales, only 2 Renaults have enticed buyers. Surely they could have done better than that!

So there are markets where certain marques are not selling well or at all. It could be a slack importer, or no real demand for the product. Either way, they won't be publicising it. They leave that to me.

What it means to me: Brand perception varies greatly from market to market.

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