02 October 2010

The Jaguar C-X75 Concept

Jaguar has released this concept at the Paris Motor Show 2010. OK, so it's a nice looking sports car in a world awash with them. Oh, but this is good-looking and so much more. The C-X75 has a top speed of 205mph (330 kph), making it the fastest ever electric road car. It can also travel for 560 miles (900 kms) without needing to be recharged because of a gas turbine system.

The gas turbine technology from Bladon Jets, which is based in Shropshire, UK, recharge the battery beyond its basic range and provides extra power to the four electric motors driving the wheels. Of course, the gas turbines on the car need to be refueled, meaning the car essentially uses hybrid technology. However, it is classed as an electric car because it is driven by an electric and not a petrol engine.

The turbine engine is lighter weight, less polluting and lower cost than a reciprocating engine. Besides this, it will run on just about any type of fuel, including LPG and bio-fuels, so is not dependent on dwindling oil reserves. Unlike hydrogen where distribution is virtually non-existent, fuels for gas turbine engines use existing distribution infrastructures.

Because the C-X75 is only a concept car, it is not yet clear when or if Jaguar will release the car on general sale. The company’s directors plan to analyse the cars reception by critics and the public before making a decision. This has to be a no brainer. What a car, what technology.

What it means to me: Forget the reception, I can tell you now it will sell so just build it.

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