10 July 2010

Jaguar XJ vs Porsche Panamera

Auto Express pitted the new Jaguar XJ with the almost as new Porsche Panamera. I would prefer to do my own test but haven't quite been able to arrange it. Anyway, To summarise the Auto Express verdict, please read on.

1. Jag XJ
Further evidence that Jaguar is once again producing cars that are desirable, beautifully built and attractive. With its blend of power and refinement, the flagship XJ Supersport will appeal to those who want engaging handling and scintillating performance without sacrificing refinement, class or comfort.

2. Porsche Panamera
It’s hard not to be impressed by the 4S’s array of talents. With folding rear seats and a hatchback body, it’s more practical than the Jag. But the 4WD drivetrain is clumsy at low speed and we prefer the purity of lesser rear-wheel-drive versions. The Panamera is a gifted machine, but comes second.

Read more: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/grouptests/253873/ultimate_xj_vs_panamera.html#ixzz0t40bZfd4

Of course, any comparison is down to the evaluation of the tester. However, the XJ is getting rated highly by motoring scribes around the world. I've always thought Porsche was for people with more dollars than sense as they are over priced. This comparison is purely about talent and the Jag wins that anyway. Brand loyalty will take many to their preferred marque. However, neutrals with an open mind will almost certainly opt for the XJ.

The bottom line: Jaguar is on a roll.

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