04 June 2010

Our Dependance On Oil

People all over the world drive cars. People love what they give us. They are 1) freedom to travel wherever we want, whenever we want. They are also 2) easy to fuel up and travel a good distance on a tank. Other forms of vehicle propulsion cannot deliver those things to the same degree. Cars without petrol will be much less convenient than what we enjoy now.

Therefore, the hunt for more fuel pushes exploration to new places, often difficult to access. The oil spill that has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico is a reminder of the risks involved. Some of the outbusts have been baffling to me. I'm sure they would cap it if they could. It's in no ones interests for this to happen. The comments against the oil company involved are irrational and ignorant. If we want oil, drilling will be done in places that can lead to environmental disasters. Who gave the go ahead to drill, seeing as there are no contingency plans to stop a spill? Are we prepared to run out of oil while there is oil under the ground but too risky to extract? I have to say some public sentiments expressed show a level of childishness such as you see when a child throwing a tantrum when it can't have its cake and eat it too.

Many people in the 'spoilt west' need to grow up and face the fact that the risks to reaching new oil reserves will grow. Much will be learned from this terrible environmental disaster to mitigate future failures. However, whatever is learned, no one can guarantee safe drilling miles under the sea. Unfortunately this probably won't be the last disaster due to drilling or transporting oil.

The bottom line: People want petrol but spit the dummy if things go pear shaped.

PS. Picture is of the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez Spill.

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