21 April 2010

UK Engine Production: 2009

If things were grim on the UK car producing front, it was better for British engine making. Nearly 2.1 million engines came out of plants in England and Wales. That's right, three quarters of a million engines were made in the Principality (Wales). In 2008, it was 2.8 million (-26%), but it could have been worse. So who made them, how many, the UK percentage and how down on last year?

Ford 1,430,000 (68.5%) -18%
BMW 362,000 (17.3%) -2%
Nissan 109,000 (5.2%) -4%
Toyota 89,000 (4.3%) -70%
Honda 60,000 (2.9%) -71%
Cummins 34,000 (1.6%) -58%

Ford made 750,000 in Dagenham, London and 680,000 at Bridgend, Wales. You would think Toyota and Honda will do better in 2010.

The bottom line: 2010 should be better for engine making in the UK.

PS. Picture Ford Dagenham Engine Plant

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