09 April 2010

Ugly Porsche

What are Porsche thinking? Do they have the ugliest range of cars in the world? I'm thinking so. Look below to see:

In the top two pictures, the Porsche Panamera is very dull up against the Aston Martin Rapide.

Then the Porsche Cayenne is head to head with the Range Rover Sport. Again no contest.

Finally the 911 is totally out shone by the Jaguar XKR. The 911 looked very good...in the 1940s, but not today.

Porsche isn't interested in how their cars look, that is obvious. The engineering guys are in control and the stylists (term used loosely) have no say. I personally want a good car to look good too. The three on the right tick all the 'yes' boxes. The Porsches tick the ugly box. They are also all way over priced. The only thing going for them is that they are well engineered. But so is the opposition. So why pay too much for well made ugly cars when the competition offers such beauty and better value? I certainly wouldn't want to buy a Porsche.

The bottom line: Porsche can do better and should.


  1. I am a person of German descent. But that doesn't make me a liker of ugly Porsche 911s. To me from certain angles and distances, all Porsche 911s tend to have a wacky and hideous appearance to them. What I see in Porsche 911s, are Frogs, Salamanders, Toads, Beluga Whale heads, Bug eyes and not to mention, a Dog squatting as to having a bowel movement.

  2. Hello Anon, Thank you for the comment. Porsche cars are well engineered and great to drive. If they can now move the styling forward....