01 April 2010

On Your Bike

Recently I was watching cars drive past me, most with one occupant and the driver exuding an air of anxiety. I wondered about what they were out doing. For our family (two adults), we make do with one car. We work secularly, do volunteer work and relax together. We do have one day where our jobs take us in different directions, so I cycle. It's about a 40 minute round trip, but it saves the expense and environmental impact of a second vehicle.

I also take the bike to town (a twenty minute round trip) to run errands and do smaller shopping purchases. It is good for my health, my soul, the environment and the bank balance. It's a win, win, win, win situation. But how many of those people who I watched drive by could have made do with two wheel transport? Have we become so stressed, so indolent that this option doesn't even make it onto the radar?

I love my bike but it is nothing fancy and it has passed ten years of use. I ride it often during the week, sometimes along the moderate cycle tracks we have in this town just for the health and well being of it. I would recommend getting one and using it. You could check for advertisements for someone selling one they do not want anymore. If you already have a bike collecting dust and deteriorating somewhere, get it up to scratch and get using it. So on your bike.

The bottom line: It's a very efficient form of transport that the west has almost forgotten about as adult transport.

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