21 April 2010

Italian Car Production: 2009

Italian car manufacturing is not very big. It didn't attract investment from other countries due to restrictive labour laws. So Fiat and the brands that come under its umbrella are basically it. The Fiat brand made 649,000 cars in 2008, and it went up slightly to 661,000 (+2%) in 2009. European incentives to buy small cars helped Italy greatly, as that is what they mainly make. For a brand breakdown of 2009 compared with 2008:

Fiat 430,000 420,000 +2%
Lancia 112,000 109,000 +3%
Alfa Romeo 104,000 103,000 +1%
Ferrari 6,200 6,700 -8%
Maserati 4,000 9,300 -57%

Unfortunately, 2010 is starting to look grim for Fiat production. Scrappage schemes are all but over and reality now bites for small car makers. This is why I was against such schemes in the first place. It was putting off the inevitable. Makers of larger vehicles have gone through the worst and are now on the up. For example Land Rover is having a very good 2010 after much pain in '09.

The bottom line: Expect 2010 to be much lower for Italian car production.

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