19 March 2010

Top In Every Category

To be the best in every category that a car company sells in is pretty darn impossible. Some cars will be at the end of their production cycle and due to be replaced so they will hardly be at the cutting edge of that segment. Also, brands are widening their range, so they compete with too many other cars to be the best everywhere. Some makers have a variable standard of cars in their stable so some will shine while others will not. So no one meets this ideal situation of being top in every category...

Well I think I've found one. It only has three models and two are recent (one very new). They also have a top notch design team to have only excellent models across the entire, albeit small range.
The brand is Jaguar and by looking at each one, you will see why I've reached this conclusion.

XK: It has few competitors as a high speed cruiser. Nothing eats up miles as effortlessly as this sports car. It is a class act and priced to give give it outstanding value against others. Maserati and Aston Martin make similar cars, but don't have the value. It beats the BMW 6 Series for class and Merc SL 500 on value and desirability. Well done for a not so new car.

XF: Comfortably takes out the oh so boring E-Class and bland A6. The new BMW 5 Series is a serious competitor and it would come down to individual taste on this one. I'd take the XF on style and beautiful driving balance in all conditions and speeds.

XJ: This is the new car and is still finding its way to new markets as I type. Let's be brutally honest here. This car is so much better than anything else, that only biased Germans or those who have badge loyalty will buy anything else. This is the pièce de résistance in its segment. Buy any car that competes against the new XJ and you have wasted an opportunity to have the best. For the discerning motorist, there is no choice. It must be the new XJ or a compromise purchase. Your call.

So there you have it. A car brand that excels in its entire range. The top of the class in each segment it competes. Can it keep that up? I think the quality of design personnel it has says yes.

The bottom line: Jaguar has a narrow range of cars, but what a range!!!

The smile of a winner if ever I saw one.

I could spent time here, no problem.

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