01 March 2010


MINI UK has now made 2 million engines since 2001, when production started at Hams Hall, North Warwickshire. MINI used to get its engines from a joint venture plant with Chrysler in Brazil. So it initially made four-cylinder petrol engines for BMW vehicles only. However, in 2006, Hams Hall started making petrol engines for the entire range of MINI cars also. Production since 2001 has been as follows:

2001 70,000
2002 154,000
2003 124,000
2004 146,000
2005 181,000
2006 217,000
2007 367,000
2008 371,000

Approximately 800 workers send engines to the MINI plant in Oxford, plus to BMW plants in Germany, Austria and South Africa, The new BMW X1 is the latest vehicle to take the UK sourced engines. With MINI car production currently being scaled up to meet increased demand, the factory will only get busier.

The bottom line: Now if only the makers of Mercedes cars would put something back in to an economy that it sells so well in.

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