06 March 2010

Jeep / Land Rover Comparison - In Three Countries

I am comparing Jeep sales with Land Rover's in three countries, on three continents, all former British colonies. Sales for 2009.

First Canada: Jeep 30,200 / Land Rover 2,000 for a 94% to 6% split.
Second: South Africa (RSA) Jeep 1,800 / LR 4,000 for a 31% to 69% split.
Third: Australia Jeep 4,200 / Land Rover 3,800 for a 52% to 48% split.

In Canada Jeep outsells LR by 16:1. In Australia, it's about 11:10 for Jeep. RSA has it in LR's favour roughly 2:1. Why the difference? Canada is heavily influenced by big brother USA so Jeep rules but Land Rover should do much better there. Australia has a big LR history and it shares solid support from loyal customers. RSA has a massive LR heritage and this shows in their popularity. So far in 2010, LR sales have gone ballistic in the Republic.

Overall, Jeeps are rough, rugged and uncouth. Land Rover has the workhorse Defender, but the rest of the range is pure class. In that sense, they don't really compete. However, they are the two brands that mean 4X4s, off road vehicles. They both have strong loyalty and both are very successful.

The bottom line:2010 is looking good for both brands, especially Land Rover.

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