13 January 2010

Car Sales 2009: USA

The US Car market was down 21% in 2009, to 10,430,000 and losing about 2.8 million sales in a year. This on top of an 18% fall the year before. The 17 million sales a few years earlier seem a distant memory. China has now the most unit sales although the total value of the vehicles would make the US still larger I would wager.
GM is the biggest by company but Toyota is the largest seller if nameplates are assessed, the way I will do it here. Toyota cars sold to the tune of 1.496 million, down 19%. This is the second year Toyota has led the market in nameplate sales as it was usually a fight between Ford and Chevrolet for the decade past.

The rest of the top ten and others were (in 000):

2(3) Ford 1,446 (-14%)
3(2) Chevrolet 1,345 (-25%)
4(4) Honda 1,045 (-19%)
5(5) Nissan 689 (-18)
6(6) Dodge 523 (-33%)
7(7) Hyundai 435 (+8)
8(11) Kia 300 (+10)
9(10) Jeep 232 (-31%)
10(8) GMC 260 (-31%)

13(19) Subaru 217 (+15%)

Of the US nameplates, only Ford did much good, gaining market share if not growth. The Korean brands, using their protected home market as a springboard, did well. I must say with all the difficulty of selling large SUVs these days, Land Rover was one of the best performing brands in the US, with a modest 11% fall. Of the 46 nameplates, it was 6th best performing. Well done LR US.

I don't see 2010 being any better than last year with maybe premium brands doing best.

The bottom line: Another tough year for GM and Chrysler coming up.

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