09 November 2009

Car Test - Honda City

A new model from Thailand has joined the NZ car market, the Honda City. It's a smallish sedan, just a tad under the Civic. I drove one the other day and my overall impressions were favourable.

Positive: Fit and finish is good, as is comfort. You can plug in an mp3 player too. Fuel consumption is low, especially cruising on the open road sedately. It has a large boot (trunk) for a car this size.

Neutral: Handling and performance are only adequate. The 1500cc motor manages to pull it around reasonably well. The price is fair, but I feel it could be sold profitably at a lower price still, but that would make the Jazz (Fit) and Civic seem too expensive.

Negative: Access to the large boot is limited due to the intrusive tail lights. When the rear seat backs are pushed forward to create a bigger boot, the seat backs are 4 inches or so higher than the boot floor. Sliding longer items into the car would then be difficult or impossible. It is a dull car to drive and nothing excites. An older demographic would be its main target.

The bottom line: Reasonably roomy and well screwed together, priced quite well and fuel efficient. Ideal for the retired among us.

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