02 September 2009

Nissan Worldwide Production By Nation: 2008

In 1999, with Nissan facing severe financial difficulties, it entered an alliance with Renault. The outcome of that is that Nissan is 44.4% owned by Renault and 15% the other way around. The two companies work closely in "develop synergies while conserving the corporate culture and identity of each brand". Nissan sales include its upmarket Infiniti brand, which is produced mainly for the North American market.
In 2005, Nissan made 3.35 million cars/LCVs and 3.25 million in 2008, so its worldwide share dropped from 5.4 to 4.9% in that period. In the same period, Japanese production dropped from 39% to 35%. Manufacturing by country as follows:

Japan 35% 1,150,000
USA 17% 545,000
Mexico 14% 450,000
UK 12% 385,000
China 12% 380,000
Spain 5% 155,000
Rest 3% 110,000

Nissan has rebounded well since its tie up with Renault, with profits returning. Infiniti needs to get a global presence and isn't doing that well. It seems more successful in its SUV range than in cars, which are somewhat bland. Nissan has a good reputation for build quality.

The bottom line: It could do with a more exciting car range to move forward in the sales stakes.

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