18 August 2009

VW Production: 2008

VW has been relentless in it's sales growth. It has been adding to its range of models, been aggressive in marketing and has a reputation for building solid cars too. But perhaps the main factor has been its dominance in the world's fastest growing major market, China.

In 2005, VW had 5.2% of the world's car/LCV market, in '08 6.5%. Sales have gone from 3.3 to 4.3 million. On top of that volume brands Audi, Skoda and Seat need to be added to make up the VW group. Production as of 2008 by country:

Germany 34% 1,450,000
China 19% 815,000
Brazil 17% 720,000
Mexico 10.5% 450,000
Spain 6% 260,000
Poland 4% 175,000
Rest 10% 430,000.

VW's hindrance is that in too many markets it is still a small player, whereas the company it must beat to be number one - Toyota - is strong everywhere except Europe (and it's not too bad there either). VW has the drive and a wide, solid product range to continue improving it's world market share. It's in the process of absorbing Porsche into the group as well.

The bottom line: Toyota will no doubt be looking over its shoulder as VW Group closes in.

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