08 June 2009

LDV's Demise

Recently a company in Malaysia were talking of buying LDV vans but they have pulled out. It now seems they will wait until it goes belly up and buy it cheaply through a receiver. Then they probably will move the operation to Asia.

LDV seem to make a good product but it is a pity they couldn't have better distribution network, perhaps in tandem with a car maker. The volumes they make are not sustainable. If local people in the UK did readily buy them in quantity without screwing them down on price too much, then maybe they could survive. The British in many ways seem to know the cost of things but not their value. LDV adds value to the UK. Shortsighted gain over long range benefits is how it's done in the UK.

Some people then cry it's all about free trade so why support local products? As for free trade, I'm all for it but the whole concept of world free trade is smoke and mirrors. Most countries pay lip service to it but surreptitiously support home made, or grown. The British, saddled with the notion of things being done fairly of it's just not cricket, are losing vital manufacturing industries.

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