07 January 2009

USA: Sales 2008

With sales down 18% on 2007 (or 2.9 million units), ’08 was a shocking result. December was down 36% (500,000 cars) alone. This is a massive drop in sales and has got to be hurting all car makers who do good business in the US. Sales for '08 are the worst since 1992. GM is still easily on top, with Toyota and Ford coming up 2 and 3.

Winners: Hard to find but Subaru getting a 0.3% increase counts, as does MINI +29%. Jaguar may have got a tiny increase, depending where you get your information.

Losers: Too much choice. GM –23% (down over 850,000 cars), Chrysler –30% (or 625,000 units), Mitsubishi –25%, Volvo –31%, Land Rover –40%, Saab –35%.

Prediction: 2009 surely has to be down again. Things are too unpredictable to know anything for certain but whatever happens, it will hurt car makers.

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