26 September 2008

Honda, The Car Company

Honda started making cars in the early 60’s and had bold ambitions of dominating the market the way they did with motorcycles. While they have been very successful, they could not duplicate what they had done in the two-wheel arena. Honda is 5th largest carmaker in the world and 2nd largest in Japan.

They have become a respected maker of cars worldwide and in 2007 made 3.9 million passenger vehicles. Japan leads the way in production with 1.3 million (34%), followed by the US with 1 million (26%). China made 450,000 (12%), Canada 390,000 (10%), the UK 240,000 (6%). The remaining eleven countries made 470,000 (12%).

So Honda has been remarkably successful in a relatively short time in car manufacturing but I sense they have gone as far as they can and will at best hold on to what they have achieved.

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