26 December 2007

NedCar, Netherlands

NedCar, or Netherlands Car B.V. is owned by Mitsubishi Motors. It is the only major car maker in the Netherlands. It is situated in Born, in southeastern Netherlands somewhere near Maastricht. It has produced 4.5 million cars since 1967 and production peaked in 1999 at 260,000 vehicles. It started making DAF cars and did so until 1976, then Volvos from 1975 to 2004. Mitsubishi got involved and made cars from 1995 to the present and smart Forfour cars were made there from 2004 to '06.

Did you get all that? Complicated. The problem is it shouldn't exist and wouldn't but for government intervention in the early 90's. The government slipped out of the arrangement in 1999, Volvo too in 2001, leaving Mitsubishi the sole owner. In 2006 only about 70,000 Colts and the last of the smarts (15,000 or so) were made. With the Colt the only model being made in 2007 and nothing guaranteed beyond 2009, it seemed the end of the factory was nigh. However, the Outlander SUV has been confirmed from 2008, so it has had yet another reprieve. One wonders how much longer it can survive, but NedCar in Born has a future for the time being.

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  1. Sounds like a replica of the South Australian saga. Mitzi it seems need to make some hard decisions.