28 December 2007

Magna Steyr, A Real Stayer

Magna Steyr is an unusual company as although it is a vehicle manufacturer, it only assembles automobiles for other companies. It is not a car company itself. It is located in Oberwaltersdorf, Eastern Austria and is a subsidiary of Canadian company Magna International, which manufactures auto parts. Its current production involves all BMW X3 (soon to move to the US), Chrysler Voyager & 300, Jeep Commander & Grand Cherokee, Mercedes Benz E-Class 4wd & G-Class as well as the Saab 9-3 Cabrio. As the X3 is moving, BMW has decided to have the MINI 4wd model made there. There isn't anymore capacity in the UK at MINI Oxford, so the lost production at Magna Steyr will be ideal. I don’t agree with the decision but I can see why it has gone that way.

As for 2006 figures, they made 114,000 X3s for BMW, 90,000 Chrysler/Jeeps. I’m unsure of the others. One source said 25,000 Mercs and another 4,000 (slight difference). For Mercedes, it could be 4,000 E-Class cars and 25,000 if you include the G-Class. The same problem with Saab, 37,000 from two sources and 18,500 from another two. I wonder if half are made at GM Graz and the other half at Magna Oberwaltersdorf. As for the total production, I read that production is 200,000 per annum for the plant, but it could be closer to 250,000 looking at the figures individually, so take what you wish from all that.

Any manufacturer such as Magna Steyr surely must be even more vulnerable than other factories to keep production as manufacturers only contract the work out to them. However, if they develop a good record of quality and reasonable costs associated with the assembly, I guess work will always come.


  1. Where do you get your inspiration to do articles on companies like this?

  2. I've heard of Magna Steyr a couple of times before, but I didn't really know which car manufacturers were working with them. Now I know, thanks to you...

  3. Glad you liked it Kevin. I want articles to inform, not just entertain.