23 December 2007

Jaguar XF

Some say that Jaguar's future is dependant on the success of the new XF. Journalists & editors love a dramatic headline but the marque is strong enough to go on regardless. The XF won't bomb as it's just too good. But if it did, it would mean the brand was sufficiently damaged so that even a good car couldn't sell with the leaping cat attached. That would probably mean making it a niche brand and greatly reduced production volumes and trying to restore the image.

However, there is no point speculating about what won't happen. It will go well and volumes will climb after it's introduction in spring of 2008. It has up to date looks and features, oozing style from every pore. The interior hasn't been forgotten either, which is classy, with some novelty features like the round gear selector which rises from the centre console when you start the engine. If Jaguar can sell all they can make, they will be more than happy.

The 2.7 V6 diesel would be my pick but it also has a normally aspirated 3.0 V6 and a supercharged V8 as well, both petrol. With the excellent auto transmission of course.
So I'll take a stab at how many they will sell in '08. Bearing in mind it won't be a full years sales, I'm picking about 20,000. We will see.

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