30 December 2007

Ellesmere Port Vauxhall

Getting information on the above mentioned plant is not easy. However, car production started there in 1963 and is the only GMV plant making cars after the Luton plant ceased production in the year 2000.

Today the Ellesmere Port plant builds the Astra and Astra Van; in 2006 at the rate of 147,500. GM has put all it's European plants under pressure to meet efficiency targets or be closed. Recently Ellesmere Port was assured of a future by being granted as being one of the factories to make the next Astra. Of course, the UK market is very important to GM. In 2006, 350,000 Vauxhalls were sold and 40,000 other GM vehicles. Even the larger German market couldn't match that and the gap widened in 2007. So GM needs to make cars in such an important European market.
I guess I have an interest in that I spent the first years of my life there before our family emigrated. My father worked there for Castrol, which decided the place of my birth.

So it is good to see that Ellesmere Port Vauxhall has a future. it's made many vehicles in it's time. In fact, in 2005 a milestone was reached when the 4 millionth vehicle rolled off the production line.

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  1. Nothing like giving the old home town a plug RayCee.