28 November 2007

Way To Go Morgan

The Morgan Motor Company is was founded in 1909 by Mr Morgan (surprise, surprise). The factory is in Malvern, Worcestershire and all the cars are hand built. The waiting list used to be about four years but I mean who wants to wait four years for a car? The waiting list is now a year or less due to increased production. 650 were built in 2006, up from 600 the year before. Most I assume are destined for the UK market, but I don’t know how many. Germany takes about 80 per annum.

The standard model has been going since 1968, as sticking to the tradition is one of the trademarks of the company. There is a two seater 4/4 with a 1.8 motor, a Plus 4 with a 2 litre engine and a 3 litre V6 Roadster. There is also and a four seater model as a Plus 4 or V6 Roadster.

The other model is the Aero 8, with a V8 motor, which has been around only since 2000. It was face lifted in 2006.
Many can’t see the point in making what they see as outdated cars, and mock them as antiquated. I’d imagine for driving thrill, nothing comes close. Old style sports cars were raw and exciting, modern ones smooth yet sterile in comparison. I for one love their sticking with the traditional sports car. The fact they have survived so long and continue to prosper indicates I’m not alone in feeling such. Bravo Morgan.

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