12 May 2018

Land Rover April Sales & YTD 2018 (By Model & Region)

Land Rover has one new model in its range and more are to follow. However, it hasn't had the same number of new models as Jaguar has had recently. In fact Jaguar currently has one more model in its line up than LR at the moment as the i-Pace is rolled out. LR's turn will come soon. For now LR is still the bigger marque, with over 70% of the JLR volume so far in 2018.

Models: The Velar is proving a hit with customers, not that anyone doubted it would. The new Discovery is also going well, well up on the 2017 run out year of the previous model.

The only real disappointment is the Evoque. However, it has been a stellar success over its model cycle due to its fantastic styling. Often such models have a great first year then fizzle as sleek looks alone soon fade in the public's eye. In the Evoque's case, it was more than just a pretty face as testified to its prolonged great run of sales throughout its full model cycle. The Evoque Mark II will be released early 2019.

Model Apr 18 Share +/- YTD Share

Disco Sport 7,416 23.3% -8.9% 38,415 24.8%

R R Sport 6,573 20.6% 4.0% 27,709 17.9%

Evoque 5,127 16.1% -27.1% 29,669 19.2%

Velar 4,890 15.3% n/a 25,041 16.2%

Range Rover 4,382 13.7% -2.3% 18,328 11.8%

Discovery 3,503 11.0% 66.7% 15,503 10.0%

Defender -
n/a 4 0.0%

Total 31,891
13.6% 154,669 0.7%

Regions: There's a lot more going on here than the figures show. In April in Europe, the UK was up 21% while the rest of Europe was down 24%. Combined it was down 7.5%. China did well in April, up 30.0% but it hasn't had a great year so far with North America overtaking it in the first quarter. NA was up 24.6% for the month and the rest up a useful 31.5%.

Region 2017 Share +/- YTD Share

Europe 10,760 33.7% -7.5% 60,051 38.8%

China 8,862 27.8% 30.0% 34,672 22.4%

Nth America 7,228 22.7% 24.6% 34,220 22.1%

Rest World 5,041 15.8% 31.5% 25,726 16.6%

Total 31,891
13.6% 154,669 0.7%

Data source: Tata. 

Summary: Despite a poor showing in the UK and Europe, LR has gone very well elsewhere. Overall, it is about where it should be now, although the percentage growth will probably drop later in the year as Velar and the new Discovery sales arrived during the latter part of 2017.

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