11 July 2017

Jaguar Car Sales Jan-Jun 2017

Jaguar has been on a roll. 2016 was a record year for the marque and 2017 will be another, short of a catastrophe not yet anticipated. In 2015, Jaguar couldn't even muster 85,000 sales but in six months of 2017 Jag has surpassed that. Obviously, the F-Pace is the catalyst for the sales explosion but other models have delivered.


F-Pace: With deliveries in full swing during 2017, this model has been smashing last years effort as volume was being ramped up back then. Sales so far are ahead to the tune of +319%. It makes up 42% of total Jaguar sales and has proved a winner anyway you look at it.

XE: Could have been swamped by it's higher riding sibling but has still created a 5% improvement over the comparable term last year. A great driving car still has much appeal.

XF: Rather than sulk, this medium sized offering increased by 12%. With an estate model (wagon) being added, it will continue to do well.

F-Type: Halo models tend to boom then bust, but the sports car of the range has held up well. Sportier variants have no doubt helped keep the model on the front foot.

XJ: Large cars are losing sales to big SUVs so this is a tricky sector. A 1% gain is more than I thought it would get. How Jaguar will go about its replacement I'm unsure, but doing the same again may not be viable. A crossover type limo would be my pick.

Model 2017 Share 2016 Share +/-

F-Pace 39,643 42% 9,472 15% 319%

XE 23,064 24% 22,041 36% 5%

XF 21,155 22% 18,836 31% 12%

F-Type 5,817 6% 5,805 9% 0%

XJ 5,559 6% 5,494 9% 1%

XK 0 0% 3 0% n/a

Total 95,238


Europe is the main market, especially the UK, but a 25% sales increase still cuts share from 53 to 43%. North America grew 92% and China 140%.

Region 2017 Share 2016 Share +/-

Europe 40,849 43% 32,743 53% 25%

Nth America 23,122 24% 12,022 20% 92%

China 19,778 21% 8,244 13% 140%

Rest World 11,489 12% 8,642 14% 33%

Total 95,238
61,651 54%

Summary: As F-Pace 2017 sales come up against full 2016 sales for remainder of the year, its percentage increase will naturally lessen. The new i-Pace will come at the end of the year but not too many will be sold this calendar year.

I'm picking 180,000 plus sales, a bit conservative but I don't have a mole in the company keeping me apprised of the details needed to predict more accurately. Whatever, an amazing result compared to even less than two years ago.

Data source: TATA.

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