03 April 2017

Bentley Production By Model : 2016

Just over 11,800 Bentley cars were made in 2016, up 8.5% in the previous year. Leading the way was the new Bentayga SUV (5,600 units) which accounted for 47% of total volume. Next the Continental range adding up to 3,900 manufactured. The Flying Spur totaled 1,700 and the flagship Mulsanne 600 units.

Points of note:

Some key markets were the USA (2,600), the UK (1,950), China (1,600) and Germany (900). Not many sold in the EU then, yet somehow vital to the company's future. Go figure that one out!

In 2015, South Korea was the 7th best nation for Bentley sales but due to VW's indiscretion, sales have been stopped there. Bentley wasn't part of the cheating but has been punished.

A third generation of the Continental GT is expected to debut in late 2017.

Summary: When you think that 800 Bentley cars were made in 2003, things moved quickly from there. More recently volume has plateaued, as you would expect. The facility in Crewe, England is already well utilised so the issue now is keeping the range fresh and desirable.

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