29 January 2017

UK Vehicle Production / Brand - 2016

UK vehicle production was 1,816,622 for the year. Of this 1,722,698 was cars and 93,944 was commercial vehicles. Some points of note:

* This was the best year for car volume since 1999. It was the eighth best year ever.

* CV production was the third worst figure since World War II.

* Total vehicle production was at its best since 2004.

We can see a contrast there, with good car production and poor CV volume. The end of the Land Rover Defender hurt CV volume. Overall a good year for the industry though.

As for brands, I don't have any data for CVs but I do for cars so here they are:

JLR: The top producer with 544,401 (2015: 489,900) and a new all time record. I guess Land Rover was about 390,000 (387,000) and Jaguar 154,400 (102,700). The LR Discovery Sport plus the Jaguar XE and F-Pace were mainly responsible for the increase. There is room for UK production growth but overseas production will grow much quicker.

Nissan: 507,430 (476,600) was the second best ever figure. Of this, I roughly estimate Infiniti would have been something like 30,000 units. The Nissan Qashqai is the cornerstone of output. Nissan UK are somewhat detail shy so cannot add more.

MINI: Third place fell to BMW's fun brand with 210,973 (201,207) made in the UK. This was the highest number since 2010.

Toyota: Down slightly on 2015, but it was otherwise the best since 2008. 180,425 (190,200) were made.

Honda: The new Civic must have pushed things along nicely with 134,146 (119,414) and a 13% increase.

GM Vauxhall: The new Astra model helped the total reach 118,182 (85,241) and grow 39%. This was the second best result since 2006.

CV: Without any detail, GM Vauxhall would be the main contributor with Leyland DAF trucks making up most of the rest. The other small truck maker is Dennis Eagle and LR would have made a few Defenders. Bus manufacturing is a small industry in volume but the UK does quite well here. Alexander Dennis is the most prolific and Wrightbus sizable too. Optare round out the trio with a small operation.

Prediction for 2017: It should be another year of car production growth but I see it reaching a peak soon. Talk of breaking all time records in the near future is hard for me to agree with. I think maintaining what is here now will be a good target. New brands will not be coming so existing producers will have to drive future increase.

Data source: SMMT.
Text source: RayCee.

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