11 January 2017

Land Rover Sales By Model & Region : 2016

LR sales didn't grow like its siblings (Jaguar) but the numbers were good all the same. The plus was the full year of Discovery Sport sales but the negatives were the end of the Defender and later in 2016 the run out of the Discovery (LR4).

Some facts for the models:

The Discovery Sport sales were up 76% for the year.

The RR Sport deliveries were up 17% in December.

The Discovery (LR4) sales were down 3% for the year but dropped 48% in December with it in run out mode.

Model 2016 Share 2015 Share +/-

Disc Sport 122,460 28% 69,501 17% 76%

Evoque 112,486 26% 108,620 27% 4%

RR Sport 87,758 20% 87,319 22% 1%

Range Rover 55,728 13% 60,226 15% -7%

Discovery 49,428 11% 51,008 13% -3%

Defender 6,708 2% 23,127 6% -71%

Freelander 14 0% 3,278 1% -99%

Total 434,582 403,079 8%

Regional facts: 

China was the only region that grew in December.

Europe (including the UK) remains the largest region for LR with just over 40% of the total.

Region 2016 Share 2015 Share +/-

Europe 186,378 43% 170,037 42% 10%

China 94,969 22% 80,484 20% 18%

Nth America 83,001 19% 78,302 19% 6%

Rest World 70,234 16% 74,256 18% -5%

Total 434,582

Data source: Tata.

Summary: With no new models for 2016, LR was never going to grow like it had done in recent years. However, it still managed an 8% increase. I would expect sales to be lower in 2017 until the new Discovery arrives.


  1. Hi RC, man am I glad to see a new post on your website !

    I recall that you've previously shared some concerns about someone plagiarising/ripping-off your work and re-posting it without any attribution.

    Well, if it helps, and if it's not already too late, you can file a compliant over at DMCA : https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/new

    I've come across a similar case here : https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/12464115

    It looks like the original author managed to prevent the fake website from appearing in Google searches. Unfortunately, I don't think DMCA can actually shut down the fake website itself... but I guess it's worth a shot, maybe ?

    Happy New Year and best regards !

  2. Hi Aero. Thank you for the comment and the suggestion. I guess the Internet has opened a can of worms foegarding copyright and plagiarism. It was the slapping a copyright notice on the sites and warning others not to use 'their' material the height of arrogance.
    Seeing as I won't be continuing, their source has dried up. Thanks for the suggestion and effort you took.

  3. Thank you Paul. I'm not sure I am back. I just added these few on JLR. It takes much time and attention. Working with Google is a pain too. I'll see how things go. I appreciate feedback.