10 January 2017

Jaguar Sales By Model & Region : 2016

I decided to briefly end the moratorium on articles as JLR felt like a job left undone. I had been doing updates by the month of how they were doing so this is a summary of 2016, starting with Jaguar.

What can one say about 2016 for the Leaping Cat marque? A plethora of new models was released and the impact was as expected - huge. The neck jerking sales acceleration was aided by the fact that Jaguar is twinned with Land Rover, so the dealer network was ready and able to take the larger volume in its stride. In 2016, Jaguar accounted for 25.5% of JLR sales, up from 17.2% in 2015.

Some facts for the models:

Jaguar sales were up nearly 64,750 units to 148,721, a 77.5% rise.

The F-Pace was only sold for part of 2016 but already is the leading model in sales, with nearly 46,000 delivered.

In its first full year of availability, the baby XE model claimed 44,000 units sold.

Despite two new models introduced, the XF  still managed to increase sales to 36,544, including a 48% increase in December.

The XJ did slip slightly in sales for the year but did manage to have a solid 13% gain for December.

Model 2016 Share 2015 Share +/-

F-Pace 45,965 31% - - -

XE 44,095 30% 23,621 28% 87%

XF 36,544 25% 35,675 43% 2%

XJ 11,315 8% 12,536 15% -10%

F-Type 10,799 7% 11,662 14% -7%

XK 3 0% 492 1% -99%

Total 148,721

Regional facts:

Europe remained the leading region for sales, with nearly half of all Jaguar cars finding homes there.

North America was the biggest growth region with and increase of 177% for the year and 262% for December!

Each of the four regions had increases in excess of 50%.

Region 2016 Share 2015 Share +/-

Europe 69,888 47% 40,897 49% 71%

Nth America 34,268 23% 15,764 19% 117%

China 24,612 17% 14,782 18% 67%

Rest World 19,953 13% 12,543 15% 59%

Total 148,721
83,986 77%

Data source: Tata.

Summary: You have to imagine that Tata is feeling pleasantly satisfied that it took on JLR. In 2008 when the acquisition occured, the world was in a poor way economically. There may have been questions regarding the timing of the purchase (from Ford), as to whether it was a sensible move. However, Jaguar has been given freedom to express itself in a way it never could with previous owners. The fruitage of that strategy is plain for all to see.

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