28 November 2016


A few things came across my mind recently.

1) The car industry seems to have been pressing those that release vehicle production data not to do so. All my sources for such have recently - and rather suddenly - dried up. 2014 seems to have been the last year statistics in depth could be found by those not connected to the industry ie. you and me. So one of the points of difference with this site  - production data - would have been greatly limited in future. Makes you wonder why it's so sensitive.

2) Many car companies are reticent to release any sales or production data. One exception is Renault who give more out than anyone else. Well done Reggie.

3) One benefit of ending blog articles is the several copycat versions have lost a source. By chance I noticed that one website plagiarising whole articles that I wrote ceased existence at the end of November, two months after I finished. The one that puts a copyright warning at the bottom of its articles now has no stolen articles to claim copyright for. What a shame.

4) While buying a new car a is nice feeling, it is a massive drain on financial resources. The biggest hit is depreciation. A house is the biggest financial commitment, but it is in most places an appreciating asset. In NZ a tax free one at that. However, a car is a liability as its value slumps. Over out lifetime, it would be our biggest financial drain. Something to think about when one considers updating.

I bought a new car eleven years ago. It has been well maintained, is so reliable and depreciation is negligible. The mileage is only 80,000 kms so plenty of life in it. Whenever I think of trading it in, I wonder if new cars today - with all their technological wizardry - will prove as durable. Simple answer is no. I'm also saving our family so much in depreciation (cheesy grin).

5) Views by nation since stats were available: Total 460,500. USA 112,100 (24%) UK 55,200 (12%) Russia 33,300 (7%) France 24,600 (5%) Germany 19,000 (4%).

6) I thought I may miss writing car articles but I don't. I certainly won't miss this tediously inefficient blog site provided by Google. What I am glad about is that so many enjoyed what I did provide.


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