17 September 2016

Where A Car Is Made - Does It Matter?

Do you care where a new car is made when making a buying decision? I get the impression that wealthier people are more concerned than average but it would be just an average. It also depends on other factors. If you are on a limited budget and buying a small car then
1) getting one you like 2) that meets your needs 3) trust the quality and 4) at an affordable price would all be factors more important than the origin of the car.

On the other hand, I recall a survey done asking Bentley car buyers if it concerned them where the vehicle was made. In the UK and the US generally yes, in Europe not so much. Would a Ferrari have the same emotional appeal if sourced from China? It would cost less but the well healed wouldn't worry about that I believe.

Another consideration is that even if a car is assembled in a country, the engine and other components are to some degree sourced from many countries. Ownership of the car company could also be different from where the car is finally assembled.

If someone living in a country with no car industry such as New Zealand, there really is no benefit to you nor the nation where the car comes from. The attachment to a brand and loyalty to a local dealer that you get good service from would almost certainly be more important considerations.

So weighing up the issue, for most car buyers they would have limited - or no concern - about a car's origin. Many would be surprised if they found out where their new car was made. Therefore it cannot have been part of the decision making process for them. Those that are interested make up a minority of new car purchasers.

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