19 September 2016

Self-Driving Cars : The Poll Result

I assume the sort of person that comes to a site such as this likes cars and probably driving too. If someone views a car as an appliance, a means to get from A to B, then driving pleasure would not be a priority, nor would reading about them. Therefore, I expected few people coming here would want a fully automated driving vehicle.

That said, what do people who do like cars think about losing control of their vehicle totally? So the question was posed : What do you think of full self driving cars? The three basic answers were 1) 'Yes please' 2) 'Some driving' 3) 'No way'. The other option 4) 'Don't care' got no votes. I guess they just didn't care after all.

The results were:

1) 'Yes please' - 17%
2) 'Some driving' - 52%
3) 'No way' - 29%

The number of votes was small and that would in normal circumstances be insufficient to call it accurate. Yet I do think it is. To break them down:

1) People who are interested in cars and also are fascinated by technology would go for the first choice.

2) Most drivers would concede there are times that the car taking control could be helpful, but still want to enjoy driving at other times. They don't mind the technology but not total surrender to the machine's control.

3) There are car lovers, who want to drive and don't like the idea of giving up driving. The thought of full self-driving cars is a not on. They feel strongly about that.

Summary: Most drivers do not want full self-driving cars. They accept in some situations it would have merit but driving is still something the car aficionado wants to be involved with. They enjoy it. I wonder if legislators will take that into consideration.


  1. I voted for 'Yes please' ... even though I'm a huge petrol head. haha In all honestly, the bigger picture makes more sense; the more widespread self-driving cars get, the better the driving experience will be for car lovers... because many who have no interest in cars or driving will just get a self-driving car instead. Less obnoxious and uncourteous drivers on the road.

    It's quite likely, self-driving cars will become the new 'Mercedes-Benz'... the 'in thing'. Because the automatic transmission did just that a few decades back. Mature people who look at cars as an accessory will surely go for a self-driving car. And just like today, regular folk may aspire to own such an accessory... even if it's overrated... *ahem* Apple products *ahem*

    Assuming that governments do not outright ban human-operated cars (for safety reasons... I'm sure), car lovers like you and I will have nothing to worry about... or I may be totally wrong, in which case, do forgive my optimism ! haha

  2. Hello Aero, Welcome back. So that is an interesting angle I didn't really consider. Someone keen on 100% self drive, but not for yourself.

    I am thinking that fully automated cars would lead to banning the human car driver. Too many fools on the road (male, young and bullet proof) or those who show poor judgement. Others are alcohol or drug users who also drive under the influence. Then there are the multi-taskers who use a phone or are distracted in some way. Combined they are a minority of car drivers but enough to kill or injure too many people.

    If enough people do not respect the dangerous potential of driving a car, then all will lose the privilege.